Who am I?

My origin story when it comes to my writing is one of cancellation. I was fired from my job as an assistant literary agent in 2020 for posting on my private twitter account that gender nonconformity is wonderful but denying biological sex is not. Realizing that cancel culture makes it so that only the rich have free speech, I co-founded the Plebity Free Speech Fund, which gives grants to individuals who are severely, materially punished for their speech. On my YouTube channel I have interviewed dozens of people on the topic of gender, free speech, and cancel culture, and co-hosted a podcast about opposing gender identity ideology. My articles have been published in Spiked Online and Tablet Magazine. I occasionally co-write posts about gender and the fall of the American Empire with Nesim Vatani here.

I use this substack to write about the gender war and other women’s issues.

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the gender war and women's issues


Sasha White

writer and podcast host