Thanks for re-publishing this, Sasha. This was ground-breaking journalism when it came out--still is. There have been other reports since, but this is the first of its kind (that I knew of anyway) detailing what is actually happening in at least one US medical school as gender identity ideology is shaping the curriculum. I look forward to your next report!

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I discovered my then-husband's cross-dressing diaries in August of 1992. The PhD "sexologist" psychologist who (according to her sworn affidavit, submitted to court in the custody case) diagnosed him in the first appointment expressed all of this "social construct" ideology in the 1990s. They've been testing the waters and promoting this, feeling out where it will fly for these 3 decades. They flew it as part of women's rights, sexual liberation and "healthy" sexual norms. They found that schools are the best settings to indoctrinate, from early grades where pretend play actually is the norm, then in the upper grades as rebellion against "the system." Interestingly, my now ex-husband IS part of corporate America, as COO of his tech company for almost 10 years. Keep on truckin' Sasha!

Ute Heggen, author, In the Curated Woods, True Tales from a Grass Widow (iuniverse, 2022)

uteheggengrasswidow.wordpress.com Ute Heggen YouTube channel (healing mvt + nature shorts)

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As someone who was a classmate of yours at CUNY, I appreciated that you appeared to be purposeful in your studies, even if it was also apparent that some of your conclusions were rather superficial and dull, thus readily-available for exploitation by cynics who might be more clever and experienced in navigating the world of politics than you. I hoped in the intervening years that you would explore your interests with greater depth and complexity, directing your purpose toward more productive ends. Sadly and disappointing, it seems that you have a hard time absorbing and engaging with critique, and the pathetic defensiveness in your social media presence could not be more obvious, even if it's poorly-disguised by performance of antagonism against gender non-conforming people. Only dullards and suckers could possibly be convinced that your politics are feminist or anticapitalist, based on the company you keep for common cause, and the targets you prioritize. However, you're still young, and I hope that you realize that however far you've traveled down this terrible path toward a dead-end, you are capable of change and growth. In this case, that will necessarily involve reversal, though.

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