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Sasha, all of this information is so important and is suppressed. It's very telling that even in this climate of TQ+ brainwashing, these doctors have to remain anonymous. Just the 7-10 hours under anesthesia is unusual and dangerous. Anesthesia can have long term effects on the brain. It's been suggested that many adults experience depression after significant surgeries, and the anesthetic working on the brain has been brought up as a possible factor. (sorry, no studies to cite for this) Now that Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK have reversed medical protocols to include quality psychotherapy and restrict hormones and surgeries to closely monitored studies, we should be keeping our ears to the ground regarding any increased teen suicides. Finland changed policies in 2020, if memory serves, and we do not hear about a spike in suicide attempts.

The quality psychotherapy approach should be combined with various mind/body modalities for reducing anxiety and increasing coping skills in these youth. Chiropractic acupressure, Feldenkrais physical therapy and Alexander mind/body work are just three potential modalities. Yoga, when it isn't involving the religious threads of some brands, is also worthwhile meditation. Gardening therapy, music therapy and art therapy are also worthwhile possibilities, as long as they are uncaptured.

Here's a dialogue between me and Exulansic regarding the dopamine hits in the pretend play of crossdressing:


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This happened to Jazz Jennings on television.

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"But for that small minority of men who aspire to be women who have their penis turned inside out and shoved up between their legs, sorry, but we women have no tips to share on how to keep that area clean and tidy." https://lucyleader.substack.com/p/private-spaces

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